Four Traits Shaping the Marketing Agency of the Future


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At the Digiday Agency Summit in Phoenix this week, agency executives from across the country came together to share our challenges as well as the internal agency processes and cultural shifts that are proving successful for our individual agencies.

What follows are the four areas that dominated our conversations and within these areas lie the four tell-tale traits of marketing agencies with an eye to the future.

Collaboration is the New Competition

The summit was marked by a spirit of collaboration, rather than one of competition—an attitudinal shift that Wendy Clark, veteran Coca-Cola SVP and current CEO of DDB North America, spoke about at length.

She highlighted all the ways in which the nature of ‘speed’ is affecting our clients—from supply chain efficiencies and faster fulfillment time expectations, to the immediacy and reactive nature of social media—and how this pressure to move faster and become more agile, is rolling down to marketing agencies.

“Faster, better, cheaper!”

This mantra of “faster, better, cheaper” has come to encapsulate the pressure being placed on marketing agencies from both clients and the agency world as a collective. In what can often feel like a race to the bottom, the idea that marketing agencies should be working faster, cheaper, and better seems to have sprung up right alongside the surge in marketing automation solutions.

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