Retainer-Based Projects & Longer Term Contracting

I work with entrepreneurs, CMOs and founders on a retainer basis for those projects requiring more of a longer term commitment to meet marketing communications, website audit & optimization, inbound marketing, modern public relations and influencer marketing goals.

For longer engagement inquiries, please request an introduction call.

On-Demand Phone / Skype Consults & Half-Day In-Person Intensives

Whether you’re looking for fast, expert advice for a specific marketing or business challenge, or would like to learn in a more intensive one-on-one session — I can help. You can even round up two or three of your colleagues to share the cost and we’ll tailor one of the half-day intensives to meet your group’s current level of marketing knowledge.

Pre-tailored Packages & Rates

Expert Advice On-Demand
$150 for 1 hour

A perfect option for when you have specific questions and need quick advice. Whether it’s illuminating a blind spot, or uncovering areas of opportunity that have been previously overlooked, this consult provides you with the chance to observe your business challenges objectively and receive actionable steps to solve for areas of improvement.

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Audit & Optimize Your Website
$400 for 4 hours

An audit of all aspects of your website so that you know exactly what edits need to be implemented to boost conversion rates.

  • Mobile Audits & Recommendations
  • Navigation Menu based on Buyer’s Journey
  • Identifying TOF/MOF/BOF Calls-to-Action
  • Correct Placement of Calls-to-Action
  • Growing your Email List with Inbound Content
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Develop Inventory of “Missing” Content
  • Blog Optimization
  • Visual / Video Audit & Recommendations
  • Topline Messaging Audit & Recommendations
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Advanced Messaging Workshop
$600 for 6 hours

This workshop can be broken into two (2) sessions if preferred. It is intended for clients who have already completed an initial “Audit & Optimize Your Website” session, or for those people who already have an optimized and functioning website up and running.

You will walk away with fine-tuned messaging and expert advice on how to meet your website visitors exactly where they are in the buyer’s journey with highly targeted messaging, content and copy that meets their needs. This workshop covers:

  • Website Audit & Restructuring Recommendations (if needed)
  • Mobile Site Audit & Recommendations
  • Go-to-Market Messaging
  • Tagline / Homepage Header Messaging
  • Call-to-Action Language
  • Identifying your Buyer Personas
  • Mapping your Buyer’s Journey
  • Lead Generating Content & Blog Planning Framework / Schedule
  • Ebook, Video, Blog Post, How-To Guides Title / Topic Recommendations
  • Premium Offer Planning for Lead Generation
  • Influencer Marketing / Modern PR
  • How to improve your content for SEO
Request More Information

If you have questions, or to inquire about longer term contracting, please feel free to send an email.