User Testing, Budget Shifts and Hiring Strategies: 3 Ideas to Hone Your Content Marketing


This post first appeared on the Salted Stone blog.

Sitting here between sessions at the second day of Digiday’s Content Marketing Summit in Park City, Utah, and skimming over Content Marketing Institute’s list of80 ideas to improve your content marketing. These three ideas stand out from a big picture content marketing and PR perspective.

1. Budget Shifts

Shift PR budgets to content marketing

Shift—used in this context—may come off as a bit unnerving to some PR folks. Which is why it might not be the most descriptive way to explain what is, at heart, a good concept here. A more accurate approach may be to label this a shifting in how we perceive the once siloed nature of public relations and marketing departments.

PR is still as necessary as ever, we’re just considering public relations from a content marketing perspective as it becomes more recognized that content marketing must include both creation and distribution.

Money that had traditionally been spent on conjuring up pitches and story ideas for journalists may now be better spent on investing in journalist-quality content producers who can arm your PR team with the quality of content they need to succeed in the distribution game.

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