Use Sales Enablement to Align Marketing & Sales Teams

Thank you to SnapApp for including me in their latest expert roundup around the topic of how to connect the dots between Sales and Marketing teams.

I was asked to list my top tip for B2B companies struggling to align their sales and marketing teams.

“B2B companies struggling to align their sales and marketing teams can benefit from bringing in an outside point person who is able to embrace the varying perspectives of Sales and Marketing and develop a cohesive Sales Enablement strategy. Developing Sales Enablement tools and processes is the first step in aligning messaging across the organization. These same tools and processes also work to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of sales and marketing efforts. Creating ways to be of genuine service to your customers and potential clients is an absolute necessity on the path to identifying those buying signals that help both Sales and Marketing teams understand how best to communicate with potential customers.”

Read the full post here.

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